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Active Senior Club July
meeting will be held at the
Cottonwood Golf Club.
Golden Age meets every
Tuesday to play cards at
1:00pm. Business meeting is
the 1st Tuesday of the month
at 3:00pm.
Small groups needing
transportation within the
service area may schedule the
Kidder County Public Transit
bus for day trips. Contact Jan
, 392-8351, for scheduling.
The Community Options
Donation Tub is slowly fi lling
again. All paper products
and health care products are
needed. Thank you for the
generous support!
Steele Center - 475-2708
Title III* Meals served Mon - Fri
at 12:00pm
Thursday, June 25 - Hot Beef
Sandwich with Mashed Pota-toes
& Gravy, Mixed Vegetables,
Fruit Crisp
Friday, June 22 - Bratwurst. Bun
Baked Beans, Vegetable Salad,
Fruit & Ice Cream
Monday, June 25 - Shepherd’s Pie,
Green Beans, Fruit Cup
Tuesday, June 26 - Roast Pork,
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Broccoli
Cuts, Fruit Salad
Wednesday, June 27 - Tacos’
or Taco Salad Lettuce, Onion,
Cheese, Tomato, Fresh Fruit
Tuttle Center: 867-2761
Title III* Meals served Mon - Fri at
Thursday, June 21 - Pork Chop,
Potatoes, Green Beans, Fruit &
Friday, June 22 - Salisbury Steak,
Potato, Corn, Fruit & Pudding
Monday, June 25 - Porcupine Meat-balls,
Potato, Peas, Fruit, Bar
Tuesday, June 26 - Lasagna, Gar-den
Salad, Garlic Toast, Fruit
and Bar
Wednesday, June 27 - BBQ
Ribs, Potato, Corn, Fruit, Des-sert
Please note that the center is
open on Tuesday, June 26th and
closed on Thursday, June 28th.
Robinson Center: 392-5721
Title III* Meals served Monday,
Wednesday and Thursday.
Thursday, June 21 - Chicken
Broccoli bake, Peas, Fruit Cock-tail,
Monday, June 25 - Braded Pork
Chop, Baked Potato, Cole Slaw,
Pineapple, Pie
Tuesday, June 26 - Tacos with
Lettuce, Tomato, Fruit in Jell-O,
Wednesday, June 27 - Tater Tot
Hot Dish, Peac & Carrots, Can-taloupe,
Cake and Berries
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